Red Bison Service Locations

customers experience

Red Bison Wi-Fi is designed to deliver the best possible customers experience.

  • Blistering speed

    Our network is architected to provide Gigabit speeds greatly exceeding market norms in an increasingly digital world.

  • Instant On

    Customers activate services via their web browser, without incurring the time, cost and hassle associated with traditional network installation.

  • Red Bison responsive service

    The Red Bison Network is backed by our team of experienced professionals, 24/7. We believe that the best technology must always be backed by the best front-line care.

Red Bison responsive Service

Built from the ground up to disrupt the status quo, we are committed to delivering solutions that exceed expectations, and stand by our customers 24/7 with the onshore personalized care they deserve. Red Bison experts monitors your network 24/7.

Extreme Connectivity

Red Bison provides Internet access. At Red Bison, we believe that every tenant should have immediate access to secure broadband services with extreme bandwidth and responsive service. Our fully redundant network architecture is custom designed for each building with an integrated platform that extends from the network elements to personal devices. Our network is Simple, Secure, and Superfast!